Animal Control Services are a Public Safety function of the City of New Orleans. The LA/SPCA is contracted by the City of New Orleans to provide Animal Control services as outlined below to Orleans Parish.

  • Stray and unlicensed animal collection via trapping and/or sweeps of neighborhood
  • Bite case investigation and aggressive animal removal and management
  • Rabies quarantine and control includes head removal as part of the Health Code requirement
  • Cruelty and neglect investigations in response to citizen complaints
  • Respond to animals in distress 24/7
  • Support to NOPD, EMS, NOFD and other city agencies
  • Enforcement of city animal ordinances
  • Revision of ordinances that address animal issues
  • Disaster response
  • In field animal education, information and referral
  • Animal adoptions
  • Humane sheltering of homeless, bite, dangerous, and cruelty case animals including food, shelter, and veterinary medicine
  • Humane euthanasia and cremation

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Animal Control

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