How long are animals allowed to stay at the Animal Rescue and Care Center?

Any animal that is brought to the LA/SPCA as a stray will be held for 3 days (Visit our Ordinance Page for more info on the stray period). Surrendered by owner or stray animals that have exhausted their stray period and have been deemed adoptable will stay in the adoption area until they are adopted, space has become an issue or their quality of life is in question. We have several programs in place such as the Foster and Fast Track program that some of our harder to adopt animals will be placed in until a forever home can be found.

Does the LA/SPCA euthanize animals?

We are an open admission shelter. This means we take in every creature that is brought to our Animal Rescue and Care Center as part of our mission to provide shelter to all unwanted and homeless animals. We do euthanize animals. This decision is made by several people within the LA/SPCA and the animal's quality of life is always at the core of our actions. Some of the factors that affect our euthanasia decisions are listed below.

  • Sick and injured: the veterinary team at the LA/SPCA exhausts every possible opportunity to help a sick or injured animal. We do consider the animal's quality of life and the health of the herd when euthanasia decisions are made for sick or injured animals.
  • Capacity: no animal will be turned away from the LA/SPCA and all adoptable animals will have an opportunity at adoption. We are proud that the number of adoptable animals euthanized is below the national average, but these decisions are the most difficult part of our work.
  • Temperament: some animals are dangerous. We will not allow the adoption of a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal.

Is a No-Kill Shelter an option for the New Orleans area?

Strategies to become a no-kill community include feral cat TNR programs, high volume/low-cost spay neuter opportunities, rescue groups, foster care programs, aggressive adoption programs, pet retention, medical and behavior programs, public relations, community involvement, volunteers, proactive redemptions and a compassionate director. The LA/SPCA employs all of these techniques yet our intake continues to increase each year. We do want to become a no-kill community, but we believe it requires aggressive involvement from the entire community. Get involved today to help us help them.

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