Mr. Fluffy

Mr. Fluffy, a white Siamese cat, was attacked by dogs in his neighborhood. His caretaker couldn't give him the proper attention he needed after his attack. The LA/SPCA veterinarian team amputated one of his legs and nursed him back to health. One of the LA/SPCA Animal Control Officers fostered Mr. Fluffy until it became clear he needed a home without any other animals. After appearing on WWL-TV, Mr. Fluffy found his forever home where he is the king of the castle. His new human sent a narrative of Mr. Fluffy's first day:

Hi Momma Sally and Dr. Amy!

I hid in a closet for a while when I first got here. Then I stayed in my bathroom for a while cause it seemed safe.  Then I ventured out to the kitchen and visited my new humans for a little bit! Food's not bad here. THEN.....I came out to the den area and looked out the window at all the beautiful birds I want to eat and discovered I can jump up onto the couch all by myself! I stayed there most of this evening until my new guy human got home and then us guys- we hung out together. Not a bad crib really.Thanks for hooking my new humans up with food for me Momma Sally! Dr. Amy....where's my leg????

Mr. Fluffy


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