When Jane Murphy logged onto Petfinder, it was with a half-hearted hope of seeing Tux’s smiling face staring back. After all, Tux had been missing since last October from Jefferson Parish, and their seven-year-old cat had not shown up at JPAS, LA/SPCA or with any of their neighbors in the months they’d searched. The physical search had long ended, but the family refused to give up completely. So when Jane and her husband scrolled through LA/SPCA’s adoptable cats, the regal tuxedo with the white chin and the rakish name of Cassanova stopped them in their tracks. A phone call was made and it was confirmed that Cassanova had been brought into JPAS in May, and was part of the recent transport to LA/SPCA on August 13th. Yes, he was middle aged, yes he was front declawed. They were asked to come with a picture in hand.

The Murphy's arrived with a photo of Tux and a tiny blue carrier meant for a cat half Tux’s size. Laurie Weisberg brought them to Tux’s cage, and they checked his features. White boot on his back left leg, check. Ragged right ear, check. Certain that Cassanova WAS Tux, the Murphy’s decided to adopt him back. Bubbling with the excitement of surprising their children with Tux’s presence, they filled out paperwork.

The final test came when Cassanova, aka Tux was removed from the transfer cage to be put into the itty bitty blue carrier. Heather Rigney anticipated having to shove the cat in against his protest, but upon seeing the carrier, Tux leaped into it, curled up and squashed his whiskers against the bars as if he’d been there before. The deal was sealed. Tux had finally come home.

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