The Paws To Reflect Society is our way of honoring donors who have placed the Louisiana SPCA in their estate at any level and allows us to recognize and thank those donors during their lifetime as well as after their passing. 

Paws to Reflect Society Members
Dorlene L. Alaynick
Joseph G. Cocchiara
Tazzie Colomb
Anita D. Conway
Betty P. Elliott
Daina Farthing
Darion S. Feltman
Andrea S. Gereighty
Joyce R. Griener
Frank Guerrera
Carole J. Herhold
Jo Holmes
Joseph C. Ireland
Ailleen F. Janney
Sherry Johnston
Eleanor J. Krimerman
Michael N. Lala
Jeanne M. Librizzi
Marcella Manuel
Gillian O. Marks
Allen K. Marks
Helen A. Martin
Rand R. Mason
Beverly F. McBride
Thomas J. McDermott
Vivian B. Moran
Chris Olmsted
Albert A. Prats
Sandra D. Pressman
Michael Prothro
Robert R. Rachal
Allison F. Raynor
Gloria T. Ripple
E.J. Rothman
Jacque Russell
Donna J. Silner
Martha M. Skleder
Eileen Smith Marcus
Desiree St. Paul
Lynette A. Stillwell
Gary J. Vant Hof
William E. Yates
Monika F. Zuckermann

Beverley R. Babin
Virginia B. Blaesi
Carole Ann Betzer
Edna R. Calder
Esther C. Carlisle
Geraldine G. Daubert
Eloise Dyson
Eugene E. Evans
Esther Sylvia Frank
Norma E. Gross
Eric D. Hartman
William E. Hicks
Charles J. Hinkle
Henrietta R. Hudson
Rosemary O. Jernigan
Ethel M. Lindsey
Frank J. Manale
Ruth McCloud
Kathryn Modenbach
Beverly H Neeb
Rosemary Louise Rabito
James Raymond Jr
Sophronia M. Rein
Louis John Rotonti
Ruth Eller Rueff
Mildred Scivicque Saunders
Miriam Veith Smith
Shelby O. Smith
Mary Ruth Steeg
Michael K. Tarver
Shirley A. Teunisson
Virginia N. Toombs
Dolores T. Touzet
Betty Wisdom
Peggy Yancey


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