This story goes back to 10 years ago when my parents were watching Channel 4 news and saw a young boy on Channel 4's "Home of My Own" segment. His name was Johnathan and he had a tracheotomy and other special needs. Johnathan needed to be adopted and in particular by a family that could handle his special needs. There were a few things that everyone had to adjust to when Johnathan came to live with us. That was ok with everyone because in the end we were Johnathan's FOREVER FAMILY.

Fast forward to August 28th, 2010 my family had gone to Clearview Mall to do some shopping. My mom went to Target to go pick up a prescription but it wasn't ready so she decided to walk around the mall.

That is when she stumbled upon the La-SPCA's satellite adoption center. That is where my parents and my brothers met TEDDY and fell in love. When I arrived at the adoption center to meet Teddy my brother, Justin, was squatting next to Teddy's crate and letting people that looked slightly interested in Teddy know that we were adopting Teddy so they could just keep moving. Teddy was not just an ordinary puppy he is a Pit-Terrier mix and had already been returned once. Teddy also had some problems with house training and would require lots of extra attention and most of all patience. I couldn't help but notice that Teddy and Johnathan were very similar both had some special needs that require extra attention and patience. So when my family adopted Teddy we knew that we were his FOREVER FAMILY.

Now Johnathan is a thriving young adult who attends Louisiana Technical College and is an assistant equipment manager for Holy Cross Football team. Teddy fits in with our family so perfectly and is thriving!

Everyone loves Teddy but in different ways. My mom loves bringing him the car to go run errands with her and Teddy loves it too. My dad loves walking Teddy and bringing Teddy to our lake house. Teddy loves the lake house because he can run free. My brother, Justin, loves seeing Teddy after his football games and Teddy's bed is in Justin's room. My brother Johnathan loves that Teddy likes to play football. I love bringing Teddy to the dog park and teaching him new tricks. My 6 year old son, Edward loves to play baseball with Teddy. Teddy loves to chase the balls. Teddy has brought lots of happiness to my family and I think my 6 year old said it best, "I really loved Teddy yesterday but I love him even more today."


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