River came to the LA/SCPA in March after a staff member found him jogging along side her near the river.  It was obvious that he had been playing in the river for quite a few days and now wanted to be back in someone’s arms.  He was so gentle that he was walked to the shelter on a shoe lace that our staff member removed from her running shoe.  He was promptly named River and everyone that met him fell in love with his goofy smile and wiggly body.  But as it happened no potential adopters could see past his big black body to the goofy loveable dog we knew was there.

River sat in his kennel for months watching potential loving families pass him by.  He grew excitable in the shelter and developed a bad case of happy tail.  He wagged his tail so hard and so long in the kennel that the very tip of it became bloody and wouldn’t heal.  Something had to be done about this wonderful dog that was being over looked in the shelter.

River was lucky enough to need help at the same time that a pilot foster program began.  The idea was to place adoptable dogs in foster homes for two weeks and encourage the families to promote the dogs' adoption by putting him online and walking him through the city wearing an “Adopt Me” vest.  The families would have business cards with the animals info and be able to do the adoption completely offsite.  

River was the second dog to go into the program.  He was taken home and taught simple commands to make him more adoptable.  Within a week he found his forever home with a young couple in front of Whole Foods.  They couldn’t go to the shelter and were so thankful that such an amazing dog was given the chance to strut his stuff for people all around the city.  The dog that was abandoned, over looked, and out of chances found his forever home with a couple that calls themselves “Undeniably lucky!” 

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