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Reuniting lost pets with their owners is a rewarding part of what we do. Please use this blog as a tool in finding your found animals' owners. DO NOT use this blog to post about your lost animal; all lost reports must be filled out in person at the Animal Rescue and Care Center. All blog posts should include a description of the dog, location the dog was found, your name and contact information (please include a phone number).

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Small Black dog found on Westbank

Lost puppy found on Westbank. Black dog with white toes and chest. She is very sweet and follows you around everywhere. Obviously had a home... Is someone missing this sweetie? Contact me at with recent photo.

found small black female dog

Found small black female dog with brown and white markings near the corner of Carrollton and Claiborne on6-20-13, If you lost one like me call or text (504)914-6957

Ewok found on Valmont near Freret

It's possible this is just a shih tzu, but the little one looks suspiciously like an Ewok.  Medium length curly coat, grey with brown and beige.  Please let me know if this might be your pup.  Contact Sia at

Found small brown/gold female tabby cat - Bywater - blue and yellow collar

My cat was missing and a neighbor brought this cat by late at night thinking it was my lost cat.  She was lost and was hanging out on my neighbors porch for a couple of weeks - she was matted and pretty hungry.  I took her in to try and find her owner, but I have been unsuccessful so I am trying to find a new home for her.

She is a funny bunny - she goes nuts for the red laser light, and she loves to groom her toy mouse.  She is pretty laid back the rest of the time - she is an excellent napper.


Found female pit in mid city

I think someone already posted about this dog but she warmed up enough to my boyfriend and followed him home.  She is very sweet. Shy at first but has warmed up to us a lot. She is white with tan spots and beautiful hazel/tan eyes. If this is your dog, please contact me. 

Found pitt bull (maybe mix) puppy

found this past week in the area of west jeff hospital, looks to be around 6 months old, brown and cream color, pink nose with brown spots.  very well mannered, listens to some commands and loving, good with kids....please contact me by phone at 5042703391, or by email @

Found-male shih tzu or shih tzu mix

I found a black, white, and grey male Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu mix in front of Canseco's on Elysian Fields in Gentilly on Monday, April 29th. He is very calm and sweet. Please call or text if this is your dog. 504-669-3130.

Found 2 Cute Dogs on Calhoun St


On Monday, April 29 after the hail storm in Uptown New Orleans, I found 2 small dogs roaming my neighborhood in the middle of the street.  One is a small , tan colored female poodle.  The other is a short haired terrier of some sort, a female with white, black and brown spots, especially on the facial area.   They were soaking wet, frightened, and in need of care.

I brought the dogs onto my front porch, fed them and gave them a place to sleep.  They lay on a mat together to rest, do not jump on people, sit when persons approach and are receptive to petting.  It is obvious that they belong to someone, and that they have been with each other for some time!  They have been bathed, and are ready for a good home with people who can care for them.

Please contact me immediately if you are willing to foster or adopt these two dogs.  I, along with my two new pals certainly appreciate your consideration.

Lydia Steele


Found - Small Dog in Broadmoor Area

Small dog w/ mostly black and white and a little brown.  Probably weighs less than 5 lbs.  Has a purple collar w/ small pink flowers on it.  Please call me if this is your dog.  504-699-2170

Found in Old Metairie - Elmeer @ I-10 Service rd

Small to medium sized older mixed breed with all blondish coloring with no markings.  Collar with spca tag. Seems to be an inside dog. Seems friendly.

Contact Louie 504-908-5822 

Found Dog behind Bayou Beer Garden (Mid-City)

A very sociable female husky greeted us as we came home last night. We thought her owner might have been at the Beer Garden next door, but could not find anyone who knew her.

We'll scan her for a microchip tomorrow when the local vet opens, but if you know her, please contact us at 822-8594 or She has a black collar, but no tags.

Found young male pit mix upper 9th ward

I found a young male pit bull mix playing in my backyard with my pitbull.  I live in the upper 9th ward - musician's village. He is small in size, un-neutered, and skinny. About a 1-2 years old.  He has a white face and brown brindle on the rest of his body in the back.  Also brown ears.  He has a black nose.  If I don't hear from the owner I will keep him, he gets along well with my dog.


Young, pure bred large breed dog found near Dillard University on New Orleans Street, Friday April 5.

Please call, text or email to identify.

Courtney 504-913-4995




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